5.1 Dolby Digital Mix and 5.1 o 7.1 for DCP

• 90m2 Dolby Certified Mixing Room • Protools HD • Cinema Screen Array monitoring 7.1 JBL amplified with 8 Crown Power • 5 meters wide projection screen • Video projecting in Full HD and 3D • Mixer Avid • Dolby encoder MME1000 (Dolby Digital and Dolby Stereo) • Dolby LEq meter

Print Master Dolby Digital

• Encoding and Dolby Digital print mastering

Sound Design

• Two 5.1 and stereo editing rooms with a wide range of sound effects libraries

Dubbing recording and editing

Foley recording and editing

International deliveries and mastering

• DCP mastering • DVD, video and TV mastering • AC3 encoding • Mixing and mastering of M&E. 5.1, LtRt and stereo formats


• Living room with bar • Lounging area • Coffee machine • Drinks and food • Outdoors deck with all the commodities • WI FI • File transfer

Excellent treatment and warmth

• We make it our religion to treat our clients with human warmth and excellence because we are convinced that working conditions reflect on the final outcome.