Paquidermo arises from the merging of a group of highly qualified professionals whose background experience gather more than 400 feature films.

We are a new sound postproduction and mixing studio for cinema located in Buenos Aires city.

Capable of following through the whole postproduction process, from the sound design to the final feature film mix in 5.1 and 7.1

Our 90m2 mixing room is Dolby certified, allowing us to finish our work under the higher international standards of quality.

Besides counting with the latest in technology, our studio is located in the most incredibly beautiful surroundings. Floor to ceiling windows which allow natural light in and a stunning recreation deck area, which encourages the work experience to be in the most confortable and creative manner.

It is of the up most importance to mention we are located in the heart of Palermo, local metropolis of the audiovisual industry in Argentina.


Martín Iribarren


Born the 24th of December 1972.

More than 28 years of experience working as a recording mixing and mastering engineer. Artistic producer, musician, musical arranger and keyboards player, having worked with artists such Miguel Cantilo, Rubén Juarez, Adriana Varela, Jorge Marziali, Cacho Castaña, Guillermo Vadalá, Juan Darthés, Pollo Raffo, María Graña, Daniel Avila, Magalí, Dorita Chavez, Willie Lorenzo, Rubén Aguilera, La Fernandez Fierro, Gerardo Peyrano, Andrea Baez, Roberto Calvo, among others.

Post production, Mixing, Mastering and sound directing of over 80 feature films, commercials, TV programmes y theatrical plays: No te enamores de mí, Desbordar, Gigantes de Valdés, El salto de Christian, National Geographic, Playboy TV, Underground contenidos, El dorado contenidos,



Dharma productions, Lahaye TV, El bagre Films, Banana Films, Aires Films, Huinca cine, Minimal Cine, etc.

Produced over 5000 jingles and soundtracks por advertising at "Iribarren Producciones", "Matraka Sound" y "Martín Iribarren-Música + Sonido" for brands such as Sprite, Easy, Rosamonte, Wella, Dánica, Editorial Planeta De Agostini Argentina, Havanna, Ivess, Sancor Seguros, Mc Cain, etc.

Specializes in: Mastering, Stereo and 5.1 mixing. Sound engineer. Post producer, Sound mixer and mastering for movies, advertising and television.

Martin has worked as Record producer, arranger, composer and keyboard player. He has done Music for films, advertising, television and theatre with over 28 years of experience.

Maximiliano Gonzalez Gorriti


Born the 23rd of March 1973.

Giving his first steps in cinema over 20 years ago.

Starts with location sound recording for gaining experience for over 3 years.

Spends one year installing equipment for cinemas.

For the following 9 years he specializes in sound postproduction, Foley recording, dubbing, dialogue and fx editing.

For over a decade now, he has been in charge of



the final mix in 5.1 Dolby digital and DTS, Mastering and Print Mastering, simultaneously with the general coordination of all the projects done in Fx Design Argentina until its rupture in 2013.

Up to date he has participated in over 120 feature films having worked along side known artists such as Leonardo Favio, Eliseo Subiela, Pino Solanas, Gustavo Santaolalla (two times Accademy Oscar winner) among others.


Jorge Gutiérrez Jiménez


Born in Buenos Aires City in 1977.

Academic background:

In 1995 he finishes he’s studies as electronic technician.

Between 1996 and 2000 enrols in the Universidad de Buenos Aires and pursues his career in Electronic engineering.

From 1999 to 2002 he studies cinematographic sound directing at Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica (ENERC).

Between 2001 and 2013 he becomes a permanent staff member at FX design Argentina where he is in charge of technical coordination, sound designing and editing, Foley and mainly final mixing in the only THX Mixing room in South America. Mastering



the different formats either in analogue such as ultrastereo and Dolby sr or in digital Dolby, DTS y DCP.

In 2010 he earns his certification in installation and calibration of DCP digital cinemas granted by Barco Enterprise in California USA.

Masters fluently the English and German language.

Professional experience as mixer: Aballay, El ardor, El secreto de Lucía, Buena Vida Delivery, Caño Dorado, Mientras Tanto, 20 mil besos, Rehen de Ilusiones, Pájaros Volando, Días de Vinilo (Music premix), La casa del fin de los tiempos, La araña vampiro, Azu (Foley and Final Mix), Luna en Leo, Princesas Rojas (Foley adnd Final Mix), Tapas, Juan y Eva, Uno, Don Ca, Samurai, El Desierto Negro, Kangamba, among others.

Tory Zalokar


Born the 25th of September 1979 in Buenos aires City.

She starts her formal studies in film directing in 1998. It is then that she recognizes her inclination towards sound and in march 2000 starts an internship in Fx Design.

In the beginning assisting in dialogue editing, then



Foley recording, dubbing, fx and ambience editing

and Foley premix.

For over 13 years she Works in the different areas of sound designing, collaborating along side with directors such as Eliseo Subiela, Miguel Angel Rocca, Leonardo Favio, Damian Szifron, Adrian Caetano, etc.

Up to date she has worked in over 50 feature films.